The End Of An Era

These past few days sure have been busy. To start, it’s now officially officially official that I’m no longer a Fort Collins resident as I got the rest of my stuff moved back home. Secondly, the wonderful community up at CSU said goodbye not only to another year of classes but also to their FOCUS Team Director.

Mr. John Leyendecker has spent the past years at Colorado State preaching the gospel and saving souls. When I first met this man four years ago I was honestly kinda freaked out by him. i was intimidated by his attitude, his knowledge and most of all his beard. But over these past few years I’ve seen this man transform the lives of so many students and I’m truly sad that he’s leaving good old Fort Collins and I know I’m not the only one.

However, at the same time I’m glad. I know that John is leaving things in such a way that the students he’s mentored and taught will be able to continue his work and make him proud. At the same time it’s some other places turn to experience the man that is John Leyendecker and wherever he and his wonderful family go, amazing things are in store for them.

Now even though I wasn’t in John’s discipleship chain or bible study I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. After graduation I went through a pretty bad post-grad funk. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My heart wasn’t in sending out resumes and applying for jobs that I thought I wanted. I was spinning out into the universe. It was John that met with me to talk about what was going on with me and he encouraged me to apply for FOCUS again. he helped me get out of my own head and think about what the Lord wanted me to do and where He wanted me to be.Lots of prayer and discernment later and whattaya know, I’m heading to summer training in 20 days and I couldn’t be more excited.

For that and for everything else he’s done at St. John XXIII and on the CSU campus, I’m truly thankful. All I can say is that whoever takes his place has some big shoes to fill.

Now not only did I want to talk about John but I also wanted to touch on how crazy it is that it’s been almost a year since graduating. Time has flown by but at the same time so much has happened. Adventures have been gone on, friendships have been strengthened, faith has been shaken and restored and beer has been drank. What’s truly amazing is seeing all my friends start to make the transition from college student to full blown adult. They’re definitely in a better place then I was when I graduated. I’m so excited to see where they all go next. I’m praying for you guys!

As for me, well like I said there’s only only 20 days to go till summer training and I should really start thinking about mission partners. Still so much to do! People to see, events to celebrate, movies to watch! For all those reading this, please keep me and my fellow future missionaries (Now there’s seven from CSU! What!?) in your thoughts and prayers. We’re gonna need them! Just like it’s going to be the start of a new chapter at CSU with a new team director, it’s going to be the start of something new for me and the others. Can’t wait!

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