Colorado’s News Channel

Saturday, May 24th was officially my last day working at CBS4 News down in Denver. I’ve been working there for the past six months as a part time Web Producer. But alas, the time has almost arrived to leave for FOCUS which meant I also had to leave CBS4 behind. It was such a great job and I’ve so thankful that I had to chance to work there for so long.

I had actually interned at CBS4 back during the summer of 2012 and boy was that an experience. That was really my first time getting to see what it was like to work in news and it was definitely a summer for news with all the wildfires and the Aurora Theater Shooting. While interning there I learned so much about the business and what I wanted to do in the industry while at the same time meeting some wonderful, talented people. At that point it never occurred to me that the station would also be the location of my first job out of college.

Flash forward to the summer after graduation when I’m at a total loss for jobs and had really no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I was sending out resumes for reporter/editor jobs but nowhere really caught my eye. Then came the fateful day when as I was working in the backyard my cellphone rang and it was none other than the Web Operations Manager at CBS4. He told me about a part time position that had opened up as a web producer and was wondering if I’d like to come and interview for it. (He got my number from the internship coordinator. I was surprised they still remembered me!)

The Newsroom
The Newsroom

Now even though I wanted to do reporting I couldn’t pass up the chance to interview for a position at the station I loved so much while interning at. Ironically I had recently decided to interview for FOCUS again and my CBS4 interview was about  two weeks before the FOCUS one. Honestly when I went in for the interview I though I totally butchered it. I was nervous, I rambled, I stuttered, really i thought I made myself look really incompetent. But I guess Jesse saw something in me that he could work with and lo and behold not too long after the interview he offered me the position and I said yes.

Now in the news business the country is divided up into markets. Denver is a pretty good sized market. Market 17 to be exact (for reference, New York is number 1) so it’s kind of crazy that I got a job here right out of college.  As a web producer I wrote stories for the website, posted video, updated the web pages, put up pictures etc. It wasn’t always fun and could get pretty boring but it was a great job. My news writing has definitely improved and I’ve learned even more about the business. But really what I loved most about working at CBS4 was the people. They have a fantastic news team and everyone that works there is talented, hard working and dedicated. I hope I can be as good as some of their reporters some day.

What I  Saw Every Time I Walked Into Work
What I Saw Every Time I Walked Into Work

As you all know I interviewed again for FOCUS and got hired so I found myself with a dilemma. As much as I loved my new job, like I said, it’s not what I want to do with news and I wouldn’t deny that God was calling me to be a missionary so I put in my time working at the station and now it’s time to move on. I’ll miss the place and the people very much and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work for such a great organization. I can only hope that someday I’ll be back there as a reporter. Thanks CBS4, you’ve been amazing!

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