Fundraising & Campfire

To be honest ¬†there isn’t a ton of big stuff to report on last week. It was pretty slow all around but the good stuff was really good and the okay stuff was just okay. Now I’m entering into the last 4 weeks I have here in Colorado before I need to head back to Ave Maria.

I definitely feel like I’ve hit a wall with fundraising. It is kind of scary but I’m trying not to panic. The week before last was a great week for MPD with my trip to Fort Collins being very successful. This past week…not so much. I felt a little burnt out. Looking at my list of contacts I thought I still had plenty of people I could ask to join my support team. However, going through them I’ve realized that I’ve pretty much reached out to the majority of people on that list in some one way or another. Basically, I’m running out of people to ask which is definitely concerning seeing as I have 4 weeks left to raise at least another $763/month. Now I’ve still got a few people to talk to and I’m still waiting on a couple of folks but I can’t help but feel nervous. So prayers and good vibes are greatly appreciated! AND! If you know anyone who might be interested in helping someone like me out…please let me know! Or check out my fund page.

Now onto the good stuff. I actually did have one good MPD meeting this week that I was worried about. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to go the way it did but in the end I was very pleased and thankful to get another mission partner. On the subject of things I was worried about, let’s get into the parish talk situation. Most missionaries do parish talks where they get up after each mass and talk a little bit about FOCUS to see if any parishioners would be interested in maybe becoming mission partners. It’s a great way to make contacts and it’s a nice fund raising boost. My parish talk situation has definitely been a big process. Between the 3 other missionaries (long-time, higher up missionaries I should add) that go to my home parish along with the fact that we recently got a new pastor all makes for a difficult situation.

On Friday the four of us met with our new pastor to see if he would allow a parish talk or donate to our support teams annually. Long story short, the meeting went pretty week but we didn’t really leave with anything. Being the new pastor he said that he would need to do some homework to see how things have worked in the past and see how to move forward. I just finished drafting a follow up letter for the four of us to send but it is really uncertain if he’ll get back to us before I have to leave for campus so that’s just looming overhead right now. Ont he bright said like I said, it was a great meeting and it was nice talking to him one on one. Also, the 3 other missionaries I’ve been talking about are all wonderful people and it was good to see and chat with them.

Our Lovely Place Of Rest For The Evening
Our Lovely Place Of Rest For The Evening

So after the meeting was the best part of the week. I went camping Friday night with two of my best buddies. Now anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m really not a huge fan of camping. My family couldn’t even survive a night of camping in our backyard…that’s how in tune we are with nature. But! I wanted to hang out with my friends more than I didn’t want to go camping ¬†and it was only for one night so I conceded. In the end it was a lot of fun despite it pouring rain for the first half hour we were there and getting sub-par sleep. It was awesome to sit by the fire, drink a beer, smoke a cigar and just hang with the guys. Nothing beats chopping down a tree for firewood in the middle of the night in the dark.

Mitch And Brendan With Our Fantastic Campsite
Mitch And Brendan With Our Fantastic Campsite

There were also a lot of other highlights to the week including a trip to Denny’s, a good confession and one or two frozen yogurt runs. Oh and I was feeling so good after that MPD meeting I had that I actually went and bought a Ukulele. Looks like I have a new hobby! Hoping to have better luck with fund raising this week. As stressful and awkward as it is I know that it’s all for the greater good so Ic an go and share the gospel with my future students. I want it so bad and I’m getting so close. So please please please hope and pray for me and all the other mishes struggling with MPD right now. Wish us luck! We’re getting down to the wire.

View From Our Campsite
View From Our Campsite

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  1. Reblogged this on Ave Maria Living and commented:
    One of the FOCUS missionaries who will be serving here at Ave Maria University has 4 weeks left to raise at least another $763/month in order to cover his mission and living expenses, etc. Perhaps you will feel called to help him meet his goal.
    TIP: Go to his blog to see an amazing photo taken in front of the Oratory.

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