Crunch Time

People! People! The days are flying by way too fast for my liking! There is exactly 19 days left until I need to get back to Ave Maria to start mishing. That definitely is not a lot of time. Not going to lie, this past week has also been a very stressful week and there’s still so much to do before I can get to campus.

I have for sure had a few mini panic attacks looking at My fundraising numbers. In order to get to campus I need to have at least $1,700 dollars a month raised. I still need another $500 to reach that goal. Cue the stress. I’m running short on people to ask and there’s still a lot of people I haven’t heard from. I’ve also had a couple people that I thought would for sure want to support me say that they couldn’t at the time.  Combine all this with the fact that I’m most likely not going to be able to give a parish talk this summer and you get one freaked out Tom Mullen.

In addition to MPD woes, my mom has been having some back problems. Nothing that requires surgery but two of the discs in her lower back are out of alignment. Basically she’s been going to the chiropractor a lot and has to remain off her feet for most of the day. I’m been doing my best to help her out wherever she needs it until she gets better. The icing on the cake is that something is seriously wrong with my car. When I parked at the church for mass yesterday my engine kept reving itself. Then on the drive home it started making a weird noise. I parked in front of my house and the engine was still reving itself and the service engine light came on. Now I had some things wrong with my car before (it’s a 1996 Honda Accord so a little old) but the service engine light has never come on before. It’s currently at the mechanic so I’m praying that things aren’t too bad.

Sorry for that rant. On the bright side, I guess  it seems like I’m heading in the right direction since the Devil is coming at me so hard. And I know that it could be a lot worse but it’s just that everything is happening so fast and the clock is ticking down to the time when I have to be ready to leave for campus. I’m buying my plane ticket back tomorrow which is basically saying that I’m confident I’ll get the $500 I need before leaving otherwise I’m wasting money on a flight. Although, I am so so grateful that Is till have another 3 weeks to get funded. Pretty much all of my fellow mishes at other campuses are heading out either this week or next week.

My Fellow Missionaries From CSU (From Left To Right: Brian, Matt, Emma, Ashlyn, Me and Jake)

Speaking of my fellow Colorado State mishes…I did get to see them and a lot of our friends last week. That was definitely one of the high points of the week. Some friends threw a missionary send off party and a bunch of people came to hang out and celebrate. It was so much fun but absolutely bittersweet. I can’t believe the time has already come for everyone to start shipping off. I’m going to miss these guys terribly  and I wish them nothing but the best at their new campuses. I know that they are going to be fantastic missionaries and change a lot of lives and they’ll definitely be in my prayers. It’s definitely amazing to be able to be able to have these guys as friends.

From Left To Right: Kasey, Jake, Brian, Emma, Me, Vicki, Brian and Hillary
From Left To Right: Kasey, Jake, Brian, Emma, Me, Vicki, Brian and Hillary

Not only will I miss my fellow mishes but all my fellow Rams. Seeing everyone was awesome but like I said it was also bittersweet. In addition to the going away party I got to go downtown and and get drinks with some other really good friends as well. It’s going to be different not being able to hang out with all my friends here for a while. However I take comfort in knowing that it’s not goodbye, just see ya later.  I know I’ll see them again soon and I really am looking forward to all the new people I’m going to meet in Ave….just need to get there first.  I know I’ve been stressed out a lot this past week but I still trust in God to provide me with what I need. I know that He’s calling me to be a missionary right now and He wouldn’t do so without making it possible for me to get there.

Getting Drinks With My Dudes (From Left To Right: Me, Brendan and Mitch)
Getting Drinks With My Dudes (From Left To Right: Me, Brendan and Mitch)

So to sum up this past week…it definitely has been stressful but I’m still optimistic and I know that I’ll get where I need to be in the end. God is so amazing and all I have to do is work hard and trust in Him. But please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I need them now more than ever getting down to the wire. Also if you can, please throw in an extra prayer for all the other missionaries that are getting ready to leave for their campuses this week or next week. Wish me luck with my fundraising this week and cross your fingers that there isn’t something critically wrong with my car!

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