Two To Go

The days just keep slipping by one after the other. Even the hours feel like they’re starting to fly by. I keep finding myself surprised when I look at the clock and see how fast time is going by. Just under two days until my flight back to Ave Maria. Still so much to do!

Have to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. I found myself not taking too many this past week. I kept forgetting to carry my camera around and my phone doesn’t take the greatest pictures. Please enjoy the featured image of my senior teammates Corinne and Jason. Miss them lots and hope to see them soon! To be honest, this past week wasn’t all that super interesting. A week later and my car is still in the shop. Turns out it needed a new radiator. Thank goodness that it’s not out of commission. However with it gone I’VE pretty much been out of commission all week. I’ve been spending the last few days around the house trying to do MPD without having to do any driving which has proven to be a bit difficult. MPD in general has still been difficult. BUT! I am so so so so so happy to say that i have a new mission partner commit to $100 a month!! SO, I now only need another $400 in order to get to campus. Yay!  I can do that in 13 days right? RIGHT!?

I’m just praying that these next two weeks will be fruitful for fundraising. I’m almost there and just need a little bit more so if anyone reading this feels generous enough to commit to $25 a month or more just head over to my support page and I will be eternally grateful! Definitely starting to freak out so anything would be wonderful. This week I’ve gotten quite a few “no’s” so it’s been pretty discouraging. but I just keep trusting that God will provide me with what I need. At mass on Sunday the Gospel reading was Matthew 14 when the disciples see Jesus walking on water. He calls to Peter who then starts to walk on the water to meet Jesus but get’s scared by the storm and begins to sink. Jesus catches Peter and says to him, “You of little faith. Why did you doubt?” Sitting in the pew I started to think that I’ve been doubting myself and doubting that I’ll get funded. I have to stay strong in my faith and believe that the Lord will give me everything that I need and He will.  But it’s still pretty stressful.

This past week was when many of my fellow missionaries from all over the country set off for their respective campuses. That includes all my fellow mishes from Colorado State. However I did get to see most of them one last time before heading out thanks to my friend Mr. Brian Couri having another going away party. Again it was wonderful to see everybody and it’s so exciting that everyone is starting to head off on their new adventures bringing the gospel to their campuses. I’m SO CLOSE and I can’t wait to get back to Florida and see my teammates and get started meeting students. But in the meantime it’s more MPD time that I really need so keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I get what I need…and that I get my car back soon.

This week I have a very important MPD appointment that could be pivotal in my quest to #getfunded so wish me luck for that. Tomorrow I’m taking a break from all the stress to go to my final concert of the summer: Fall Out Boy & Paramore. Definitely been looking forward to this concert all summer so I’m super excited that it’s finally here! Be on the lookout for some sweet pictures. Again please keep me and all the other mishes heading to campus in your thoughts and prayers! It’s almost time to get started!



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