One For The Money

The countdown has begun.  It’s officially the last week before I leave to head back to Ave Maria. Looking back at how the rest of the summer has been since training, I can’t help but feel that it’s gone by pretty fast despite everything I’ve done. However this past week has definitely been one of the most exciting.

To start off, on Tuesday I went to the concert that I’ve been looking forward to all summer: the Monumentour featuring Fall Out Boy, Paramore and New Politics at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Now I’ve been a HUGE fan of Fall Out Boy since early high school and I’ve seen them in concert 3 times before. When they went on hiatus in 2010 I was pretty upset because I love pretty much all of their music and the thought of no more Fall Out Boy was so sad. Imagine how happy I was when the band got back together and released their new album, Save Rock And Roll, last year. The album is definitely some of their best work. They stay true to their pop punk roots but still display a more “grown up” sound. Everyone should definitely check it out.

Fall Out Boy Rocking The Stage At Red Rocks
Fall Out Boy Rocking The Stage At Red Rocks

The concert was absolutely amazing.  It helped that I was accompanied by long-time friends, Sarah and Nicole and the three of us had a fantastic time. Paramore totally rocked the stage and got the crowd going crazy. I was a Paramore fan before but after that concert I definitely think that they can rock and have some great songs. Fall Out Boy of course blew everyone away with their show. They played all of their hits and sounded amazing. The entire show was so much fun and was packed with streamer and confetti cannons, giant beach balls, flames, sparks and crazy light shows. It was a great show and so much fun and I hope to see what is one of my favorite bands again soon.

Me, Sarah and Nicole At The Show
Me, Sarah and Nicole At The Show

Now to talk about fundraising. This week has definitely been a little stressful. but in the end it all payed off. I got three new monthly mission partners during the week but the big story comes from what happened on Friday. i had a breakfast meeting with one of my dad’s associates who is a business owner, that is already involved majorly with FOCUS and a dedicated catholic. I’ve only talked to him on the phone once and have otherwise just been emailing back and forth with him. It was a very important meeting for me, so important that I got no sleep the night before. Needless to say, it was one of the best MPD meetings I’ve ever had. We had great conversations about mass, the church, college students, my involvement with FOCUS, his involvement with FOCUS, baseball and a bunch of other stuff. As for the mission partner side of things, let’s just say that I met my goal to get to campus thanks to this very generous and kind man. If that day taught me anything it’s that God definitively provides for all your needs so long as you’re willing to ask and work hard.

However, a missionary’s fundraising is never over and although I’ve reached my goal to get to campus, I’m still not fully funded. I’ll still be working to raise more support through the rest of this week and it would be so awesome to get fully funded in the next few weeks. I’m truly truly grateful for everyone that has agreed to support me so far and if anyone else is interested in maybe donating just $20 a month here is my support page.  It only takes a little bit of generosity and support from people to accomplish amazing things and I’ve definitely been inspired by the generosity I’ve seen from my mission partners.

Rosie And I

Now for a little sad news. We found out on Tuesday that we had to put one of our dogs to sleep. We’ve had our little Rosie since both my brother and I were in elementary school. She was a little over 14 years old. We found out that she had a large tumor growing in her jaw and there wasn’t really anything feasible that the vet could do for her. So Friday afternoon we went to the vet and shed a lot of tears while we said goodbye. Rosie was a great dog and I have many wonderful memories of her that I’ll cherish for years and years and years.

Friday was definitely an up, down and then up again day. First my MPD meeting, then saying goodbye to Rosie and then finishing up that evening I went and spent some time with two of my fellow CSU rams and good friends, Joe and Joanna downtown. It was great walking around and having a drink with them and getting to talk about everything that had happened that day and relax. I even ran into some old friends from high school that I haven’t seen in years!

Me, Joanna and Joe
Me, Joanna and Joe

Yesterday after a great breakfast at IHOP with my wonderful family I got to go to a Rockies game (courtesy of that generous mission partner I was talking about) with another one of my best good friends, Mr. Brian Kelly. Now I’m not the biggest baseball fan but I do enjoy going to the games and watching the action in person. Our seats were right behind home plate and were really amazing. It was great catching up with Brian and enjoy some good baseball. Spending all this time with friends this week and having to say goodbye to Rosie, it’s really started to hit me how much I’m really going to miss everyone. Looking back at the summer, it’s been filled with learning, new friends, old friends, good times, bad times, stress, fun, concerts, camping, family, fundraising, successes, failures, laughs and a few tears. It’s been a wild ride and going into this last week before I leave I realize that I’m tankful for every minute and I’m so thankful that God blessed me will all that he has this summer.

Brian And I At The Rockies Game
Brian And I At The Rockies Game

Now all that’s left is to start packing and get all my affairs in order before I leave on Saturday. The next post you’ll be reading will be about my last week in Colorado and my travels back to Ave. Keep me in your prayers and wish me luck!

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