Fall Outreach: Go

Wow so much has happened in the past week. The weeks seem super long because of all the stuff we do each day and I kind of like it. There’s always work to do or people to see or something to go to so I haven’t really found myself bored that much lately and it’s awesome!  Team Ave and I are hitting Fall Outreach hard and so far everything’s been going pretty smoothly.

The Cinderella Castle Lit Up During The Concert
The Cinderella Castle Lit Up During The Concert

I do have to start by saying that I had the chance to go to Disney World again last weekend for Night of Joy – Basically a Christian music festival at the Magic Kingdom! I mean those of you who know me know that I pretty much hate Christian music, it’s just not my thing. There are however some exceptions and one of those would be Skillet, who I absolutely love. I had the chance to see them way back in high school and I was so stoked to hear that they were playing at Night of Joy. Casting Crowns and MercyMe were also playing but all I really cared about was Skillet and they were the last to play at midnight. During the day i spent the time hitting all the rides and getting to know new friends. The concert was absolutely amazing. Skillet is great live and they had fireworks that went along with their songs. It was epic. I definitely recommend Skillet for someone looking for Christian influenced music that actually rocks. The only downside to the trip was that I was the only missionary able to go and I missed the rest of the team…oh and we didn’t get back to campus until 5am. Totally worth it.

Skillet Playing In Front Of The Caslte
Skillet Playing In Front Of The Castle

Our first big event last week was the student Activities Fair. We got to put up a table and a board with all the rest of the student organizations. Not only was it a great event to meet students but it was also cool to check out all the other clubs that they have here at Ave. Beach Volleyball Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Students for Life, Recycling, and the list goes on and on. We met a ton of students and a lot of them were interested in bible studies and mission trips so go FOCUS! Speaking of Bible studies, I’m planning on getting mine started this week and I’m super excited for it! Just been in the process of contacting all the guys interested and crossing my fingers that they’ll show up!

Team Ave And Our Table At The Activities Fair
Team Ave And Our Table At The Activities Fair

I am also very proud to say that I have my first disciple here at Ave. He’s this super totally awesome guy that is really really cool. I definitely see so much potential in him and I know that God is going to do great things with him no matter what but I’m really excited to invest in him. Prayers for him and for me are greatly appreciated.

Our next big event last week was something called Coffeehouse. Basically what we did was set up a stage and chairs by the student union, gave out free coffee and snacks and had an open mic night. At first I was a little skeptical of the idea but apparently it’s been successful in the past. I wasn’t sure if people would be willing to come sing/dance/act/tell jokes in front of a bunch of strangers…but man was I wrong. It was a HUGE hit and there are so many talented people down here at Ave Maria. It makes me want to get up and do something at the next one. The team and I also put on a skit making fun of ourselves and what students think we do as missionaries (praying all day, begging for money, street preaching etc.)  It was lots of fun and people responded well. I’m totally stoked for the next one!

Students Performing At The Coffeehouse
Students Performing At The Coffeehouse

Saturday night the school put on a Sock Hop for the students. Lots of swing dancing, poodle skirts and Footloose references. Corinne taught a swing dance lesson while Jason and I grilled hot dogs. It was a lot of fun to get dressed up as a greaser, draw on some fake tattoos and see everyone else all dressed up. The crew behind it even acted out the whole plot of footloose – dance interludes included – and it was really good! However, if I’m being honest I didn’t have the best time. Seeing everyone swing dancing made me  kind of home sick. My friends back in Fort Collins and I would go dancing a lot and I miss them a lot. So I wasn’t in the best mood that night but It was still fun and it looked like everyone was having a really great time which is all that matters. Lots of great swing dancers here at Ave as well.

The Sock Hop
The Sock Hop

However the next day brought great news in how I found out that my car was to be delivered that day!!! I’ve been waiting so long for it to get here not only because I miss driving but because my car was packed with all my posters, pictures, video games, and all kinds of other important stuff like shoes….I have a lot of shoes. It got here in the late afternoon and I’ve been spending my free time unpacking all the boxes and decorating my room finally. Still has a long way to go but it is starting to look like home and that makes me really happy. I was starting to feel some cabin fever so it’s nice to know I can drive around and get off campus now! Yay!!! I really also just missed driving in general.

So Happy To Have My Car Back!!
So Happy To Have My Car Back!!

This week, like I said before, I’m going to try and get my bible study started. We’re also putting on another student leader training on Saturday. Oh! I’ve also got to start thinking about how to advertise SEEK, our national conference coming up in January. Lots of planning to do and I want to get a lot of students to go! So prayers please for me and the team and all our student leaders. Things are only going to keep getting busier and I’m excited!


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