The Saga Continues

So sorry for not posting last week!In all honestly I was sick with a head cold that I could not get rid of and to be honest the team and I have been super busy! Lot’s has been going on down here and while we’ve all been running around like crazy we’ve also been having lots of fun and doing some amazing work.

First of all I guess I should talk about our regional staff’s visit. Our Regional Director, Andy Day, and our Director of Collegiate Outreach, Tyler Gosser, came to Ave Maria to see how things were going. Basically my boss’ boss and then his boss so I was a tad nervous to see what they were going to talk about. Honestly I thought they were coming to evaluate how we’ve been doing here on campus and tell us all the areas that we need to improve. However I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Both Andy and Tyler met with us and gave us some vision, asked about how things are going, offered some advice and really just got to know us. In the end I was all worried for nothing. Sometimes I can get caught up in the business side of FOCUS and worry that I’m not reaching enough people or that there’s not enough people in my bible study and so on but all in all I just have to remember that FOCUS isn’t about that stuff it’s about inviting college students into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Andy and Tyler also helped remind the team of that fact. Also! A perk of their visit was that Tyler brought his lovely wife  and his adorable newborn baby boy, James. And I got to hold him! Yay!

Me And Baby James
Me And Baby James

Bible study has been really amazing. I absolutely love all the guys in my study and every week I get more and more excited for Thursday night to roll around. The past few weeks we’ve been talking about Mr. JC. Who Jesus was/is, what he came to do and why we should follow him. Every week there’s great discussion and I’m super excited for the rest of the semester. I’m actually going to be trying to start another bible study for upperclassman this week so wish me luck for that! One thing I’ve been sharing with people is the chocolate milk analogy that I learned at summer training and everyone has loved it so far. It goes a little something like this:

I’m a huge fan of chocolate milk and more specifically chocolate milk made with Hershey Syrup. How do you make chocolate milk with Hershey Syrup? Well you have your glass of milk, you pour in your syrup and you stir it up good. In a lot of way’s our faith life is just like making chocolate milk. If you don’t stir up the Hershey Syrup it all sinks to the bottom and congeals into this sludge-like substance and you end up with poor chocolate milk. Just like how the Hershey Syrup sits in the milk our bodies also have some H.S. in them…..the Holy Spirit. The H.S. dwells within all of us but if we don’t stir it up, it just sits there. We need to be proactive in stirring up our H.S. with the sacraments, mass, prayer and experiencing Christ. and that’s the only way we end up with something beautiful… and delicious. Hope you all enjoyed that analogy and start telling it at parties. I know the guys in my study enjoyed it.

Me And Some Of The Guys in My Study. From Left To Right: Joe, Montana, Dominic, Nick and Richie
Me and Some Of The Guys In My Study. From Left To Right: Joe, Montana, Dominic, Nick and Richie

For the past two weekend the Ave Maria Football Team has had home games and you know what that means….tailgating!! You all know I’m not the biggest fan of football I’m always down to hang out with awesome people, BBQ and drink a beer in the early afternoon. I think that tailgating football games is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon, especially if you do it right with good friends, good food and games. I do regret that I didn’t tailgate that much back at CSU so I’m going to try and make up for it here. It’s also pretty awesome to see so many students come out to chill and support the team.

Jason and Austin Relaxing at the Pre-Game Tailgate
Jason and Austin Relaxing at the Pre-Game Tailgate

In addition to a football game, this past weekend was also Oktoberfest. As far as Oktoberfests go, Ave’s was pretty relaxed with not nearly enough beer…which I guess is a good thing haha. They DID however have some great food and some pretty awesome performances. I may have said it before but I’ll say it again. There are so many musically talented students here at this campus. It almost makes me feel self-conscious that I can’t sing, play guitar or piano. But hey I AM still trying to teach myself Ukulele so I guess there’s that…But more on student talent later when we get to the talent show that was also held this past weekend. Oktoberfest all in all was a lot of fun. It was great to just relax and chat and hang out with a lot of the students I’ve  been getting to know over the past few weeks. Everyone is really great and I love spending time with them.

Phil, Joe and I Hanging Out At Oktoberfest
Phil, Joe and I Hanging Out At Oktoberfest

Now the Talent Show. It was aptly titled “Ave’s Got Talent,” which again I can;t stress enough how many talented people there are here at Ave Maria. Acts included Dancing, Piano, Shakespeare, Singing, Yodeling and Fiddle Playing. It really was a fantastic show and I just can;t get over how much talent there is and what’s great is that the University is awesome at giving so many opportunities to showcase their abilities. On that note, the team and I are planning to have another Coffeehouse Open Mic Night this week and I’m super excited for it after seeing how great it went last month. A few more months of practice and maybe I’ll be able to showcase my Ukulele talents-maybe.

The Talent Show Logo
The Talent Show Logo

That pretty much sums up the big events that have happened in the past few weeks. The team and I have also been working on our newsletters to send out to all our mission partners. Hopefully I’ll be done designing mine and order them by Wednesday. As a side note, It’s officially my favorite month of the year! No not because my birthday is in a few weeks but because I LOVE Halloween and I LOVE scary movies and all things pumpkin. October is horror movie season, I mean I already went out and bought 4 horror films because they were on sale haha. Oh! And my lovely parents shipped me my books and movies and I went and purchased a bookshelf to house them all. My room is so close to being complete…just need a couch. Please keep us all in your prayers as we head further into October!

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