Winter Breaking Bad

Hello Internet family! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve definitely been slacking but hey isn’t that what vacations are for? Winter Break has been filled with family, friends, fun, and of course, snow. Even though I’ve been home going on 3 weeks now, it feels like I just stepped off the plane yesterday. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. But don’t worry! I’ve got lots to tell you about!

My travels back home to Colorado were pretty uninteresting. but I will say that when the plane was descending into Denver and I saw those beautiful mountains for the first time in months, it really hit me how much I missed home. It’s been so wonderful spending time with my family. My dad’s lots a lot of weight, my brother and sister are both growing like weeds, and our puppy Molly is bigger and even more full of energy. It’s been really awesome just lounging around the house again. We really don;t need to be doing anything, it’s just nice to sit on the couch and spend time with everybody. It’s nice having home cooked meals again too.

Post-Christmas Shopping With The Siblings
Post-Christmas Shopping With The Siblings

It’s also been so wonderful to spend time hanging out with friends that I haven’t seen in forever either. As much as I love and miss all the friends I’ve made back in Ave, it’s been so great seeing my besties again. Ice skating, movies, bars, or just playing cards in my living room and listening to music. It’s been great catching up with people

Ice Skating With My BFF Sarah

Besides hanging with Sarah and the rest of my close friends from High School and Mitch and Annie, I also had the chance to catch up with some of my fellow CSU Rams. One such time was at Catholic Beer Drinking Club (a bunch of Catholic college students meet up at a bar and hang out. Basically FOCUS just with more alcohol haha) I honestly could’t believe that these were some people that I haven’t seen in around 5 or 6 months. Crazy!!

Catholic Beer Drinking Club With Awesome Rams (From Left To Right: CJ, Joanna, Kevin, Myself and Ashlyn)

Also caught up with a few of me Fellow CSU Missionaries at Catholic Beer Club. It was fun to chat about how things are going on our respective campuses. But there’ll be much more time for that at SEEK! More on that later

Go Rams!

One weekend I decided to head up to Fort Collins to visit some friends there. A few of them were actually graduating this semester so I crashed their grad party. I know I keep saying this, but it’s just been so wonderful to see all these people I haven’t seen in so long. While in Fort Collins I also paid a visit to my favorite food places including Cafe Mex, Jim’s Wings and Raising Canes. To say that my belly has grown over this break would be an understatement haha. I even got to see some old friends from the dorms and some old roommies. I didn’t get to see everyone I had hoped to but overall a great trip.

Crashing the Grad Party( From Left To Right: /myself, Miles, Adam and Ben)

I guess I should talk about Christmas now shouldn’t I? Every year for Christmas Eve we go over to my Uncle George and Aunt Laraine’s house and spend some time with them. We don’t have a lot of Christmas traditions in my family but I really enjoy this one. I only wish that would also be with the rest of our family in New York. But hey maybe someday. I spent the evening stuff my face with good food and chatting with my family. My cousins Matt and Katie are around my brothers age and are also growing like weeds. It’s great to see how things are going in their lives.

Fake Laughing With The Cousins (From Left To Right: Matt, Emily, Katie, Myself and Terrence)

After heading back home it was time to relax for a few hours before midnight mass. Which meant Christmas Movies! I watched Frozen and Rise of the Guardians…not really Christmas movies but they have to do with snow. Speaking of snow and cold. It’s definitely been a wake up call coming back to brisk Colorado after living in sunny Florida for the past few months. It’s a nice change but I already miss the sun and sand haha.

Midnight Mass might be my favorite thing about Christmas. The music is beautiful, the readings are beautiful and there’s just something about going to mass so late (or so early) to celebrate the birth of our Lord that really helps me feel connected to that little family in Bethlehem all those years ago. People seem to radiate the joy that comes with celebrating the birth of Jesus and it’s so wonderful. All through mass and afterward you feel like singing and jumping for joy and I love it. It;s also been awesome going to mass again in good old St. Thomas More. It has a lot of history for me and I really missed that place.

The Beautiful St. Thomas More Parish
The Beautiful St. Thomas More Parish

After mass it was straight to bed so Santa could come and I have to say that he was very generous this year. My siblings and I must have been very good 🙂 Santa brought me a PS4 and I have been playing it like non-stop. It’s nice to have nothing to do but play video games all day again haha. My little sis got a mini trampoline and my parents gave my brother the okay for a tattoo (God Help Us All). But he got it the other day and it actually doesn’t look half bad. Another wonderful Christmas for the Mullen family and another reminder of how truly blessed we are. Speaking of being blessed, my mom’s birthday is only a few days after Christmas so we celebrated that by going out to a nice lunch and then my siblings and I surprised her with tickets to the Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias concert in February (long story short: my mom loves modern pop and hip hop). She was super happy and we’re definitely lucky to have her as a mother so she deserves it.

Mom's Birthday Lunch
Mom’s Birthday Lunch

Since Christmas I’ve just been relaxing with friends and family and getting ready for SEEK! Our national conference in Nashville! All the headaches and frustrations from planning are about to payoff! I’m so excited to see all my fellow mishes that I haven;t seen from training as well as some of my students that I already miss terribly even though it’s only been a few weeks haha. I’ll be taking lots of pictures so I’ll have lots to show you guys in my next post so look for that!

Looking Forward To Seeing My Amazing Disciple Joe In Nashville!
Looking Forward To Seeing My Amazing Disciple Joe In Nashville!

With it being New Year’s Eve I suppose I’ll reflect a little on this past year. After putting some thought into it, this past year for me has been all about seeing where I’m at in my life and where I want to be. CBS, Fort Collins, Denver, FOCUS, it’s all been about realizing that God is calling me to bigger things and me having to stop with the distractions and realize that I’m capable of great things if I can only better trust in the Lord and trust in my own abilities. This year has been about growth. Growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally. So next year (in addition to getting in shape) I hope to continue this growth so I can better serve my students, my team and the Lord. Prayers appreciated!

Thanks so much to all of you who actually read this blog. I really, truly appreciate it. Thanks for the support! You guys rock! Happy New Year to everyone and wishing you an even better 2015!


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