Visiting Hours

After only three weeks at home, I’m already back at Ave Maria and News Staff Training 2015 is just getting started! Time at home was short but it was good. I got to spend lots of time with my family and some good friends I haven’t seen in a really long time. Not enough time to see everyone I wanted to see or do everything I wanted to do but it was still good to be home for a little while.

I guess the biggest thing that happened while I was home was that I got a new car…..yeah I still have a hard time believe it. I leased a white 2015 Toyota Corolla.  Definitely a big upgrade from my old 1996 Honda. It’s a pretty funny story, I went with my family to the dealership to look actually look at a used corolla and we really weren’t planning on making any deals that day but lo and behold, three hours later I left the dealership in a brand new car.  Still pinching myself haha. It’s definitely the nicest thing I’ve ever called mine. Just barely fits in the budget but I really need to have a car and I’ll just have to work extra hard at fundraising. So I’ve just been enjoying it for the past few weeks before leaving it in the car of my folks while I’m at training.

Right After Getting My New Car

It was really awesome getting to hang out with all my old high school buddies. You know we’re all at totally different places in our lives and we’re each completely unique but for some reason we all love each other and six years later we’re still like family. Definitely been blessed with these crazy people. We spent some time drinking at bars, seeing movies, eating out and just hanging out a people’s houses. Miss em already and can’t wait to see em when I get back in July.

Sarah, Andee, Liam, Stormy, Alex and I

Equally amazing was getting to just hang with my family. It was really amazing when they came to visit me in Florida over Spring  Break, but it was great to spend some time at home with them. My little brother, Terrance just finished his first year of college at the University of Northern Colorado and will soon be moving into his first apartment! So proud. My little sister Emily actually just finished sixth grade and is therefore done with elementary school! They had a mini graduation ceremony complete with photo, certificates and student speakers. Really proud of both my siblings and love them lots!

My Parents With Me Sister At Her Continuation Ceremony
My Parents With Me Sister At Her Continuation Ceremony

Speaking of people finishing school, a lot of good friends of mine graduated from Colorado State University this past may so naturally I had to drive up for the graduation party! So good to see people I haven’t seen in months! It’s crazy to think that pretty much all of us have graduated now. Wishing and praying for all the best for all the grads. The only downside was that THAT was the only day i made it up to Fort Collins while I was home. Had a great time but just wasn’t long enough to see everyone I wanted to see and eat everywhere I wanted to eat. But now that I’ve got a car that’ll be one of the first places I’ll be driving to. Hoping to spend a week or so up there after training so look out for me!

Catching Up With Sean & Ben
Catching Up With Sean & Ben

That pretty much sums up all I’ve been up to while at home. After a look day of traveling yesterday complete with delayed flights, mimosas, rental cars, lost bags and driving, I’m back in Ave for New Staff Training 2015. It’s weird to be here as a second year meeting all the new mishes. But it’s also super exciting. Plus I get to hang out with all missionary friends and here how things have been on their campus. I also get to spend some time with my brand new team! Won’t meet the first years till a little later but I’m on the lookout for them. Prayers for me and all the missionaries here over the next five weeks are greatly appreciated! Stay tuned to see what training is like this year and I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!



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