Back In Business

Well it’s official! Things here down at Ave Maria are back in full swing! The past two weeks the team and I have been busy having meetings, planning events, getting to know students, giving out free stuff and starting discipleships and Bible studies. It’s been pretty tiring but so much fun. So far things are going great and it’s going to be a fantastic year if things keep going like this.

First off, the team and I got to help out a little bit with Freshman Orientation. Like we did last ear, we got to help move new students into the dorms. It’s a great way to meet people and have a chance to introduce yourself to the freshman. They remember the person who carries their expensive flat-screen TV from their car to their dorm. I got to meet a lot of cool guys who I’m hoping to start getting to know better this year. Nick, Maemie and I also had some fun times getting to know each other playing with a shopping cart.


Why, one of the pictures taken from that day actual got chosen to be blown up and hung in the cafeteria! Maemie and I are officially Ave celebrities! Seen by everyone when they walk in to have a meal. Thank you shopping cart. This would be a good time to say again how awesome the team is this year. I’m really thankful for my new teammates and I think we’re going to have a great year working together.

Maemie and I displayed proudly as you walk into the cafeteria

Well we didn’t just spend all of Orientation moving people into their dorm rooms. We also got to go to a lot of the Orientation talks and events. One of those events being a welcome back concert starring Ave Maria’s very own Chicken Tender Day featuring chicken tenders being served for a snack. Remember how last ear I kept mentioning how many musically talented kids go here? Well this just reminded m of it. Chicken Tender Day rocked the stage with a surprisingly awesome variety of music. Looking forward to more performances guys!

Chicken Tender Day
Chicken Tender Day

Ave Maria University President Jim Towey also gave a talk at the pub on Mother Theresa and Mercy that was absolutely fantastic. Not sure if I’ve talked about this before but President Towey was actually a personal friend of Mother Theresa and his stories about her are always amazing to hear.

Theology on Tap with President Towey
Theology on Tap with President Towey

All great opportunities to meet new students. But you know, it’s also been really amazing to see all the students I got to know last year back on campus It’s crazy to see how much people can change over the summer. Not that anyone was immature, or drastically different, rather I’ve just noticed how over time they’ve grown into more complete people. It’s kind of a weird thing to describe. I guess this is how parents feel haha.

More Adventures In Shopping...I Mean Move-In Day
More Adventures In Shopping…I Mean Move-In Day

Since orientation we’ve just been busy starting up discipleship and Bible studies. So far we’ve tabled a little bit handing out root-beer float, iced coffee and watermelon in an effort to meet people and both times have been pretty successful. We also had a little dinner for all our Student Leaders on campus to welcome them back and to cast a little vision for the year. Nick gave a pretty awesome talk that I’ll be discussing in my next post, and I think all the student leaders are really going to set the campus on fire this year. It’s been great to see all my guys again and I’m s thankful for the amazing group of students we’ve been blessed to work with.

Tabling On Campus!
Anne, Nick and I tabling out on campus

I was able to get my Bible studies started up last week and I was really happy with how they went. I mean for a first meeting both group seem to be really interested in having good study and it looks like I’ll have a really solid group of students come to both this semester. I’m definitely looking forward to studying with these guys this year. Just praying that I can make it good for them every week and that they get some good stuff out of our meetings haha.

Patrick, Peter, Ellie, Carolyn and I at the Magic Kingdom

This past weekend was a rich, full one for sure. Friday night we went for some late night bowling and IHOP with students followed by a day of Disney World on Saturday. If you remember from last year, I got to chaperon the Disney World trip and it was the same this year! Just like last time around it was Disney World’s Nigh of Joy, their big Christian Music festival a the Magic Kingdom. This year I think was just a tad better because last year I had to fly solo and it was still before I really knew anybody here. This year in addition to being able to hang in the Magic Kingdom with students, Maemie and Anne were able to go as well! We all had a blast and got to ride pretty much all the good rides. My only complaint is that we had to leave before Skillet came on which is pretty much the only Christian Rock bad I am openly a fan of. But oh well, it was still a ton of fun!


Finally, last night the team and I went out for dinner with a group of students and we enjoyed some goo Mexican food and fellowship. This week is a pretty regular week for us, just the usual mentorships and Bible studies. Like I said above, I feel like things are going super well so far and I’m really excited to see all the amazing things that I think God is going to do on this campus this year. Prayers for me and my team as well as all the students here are always greatly appreciated! God bless and talk to you soon!


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