Wow, well it looks like it’s been a whole month since I actually made a post. In other words, I’m way overdue. My apologies to you guys for being away for so long. October was a really crazy busy month with lots of things going on for me and the team. But now I’ve finally got a little bit of down time so I can update you all on the big things that have been going on in my life!

First things first, I’ve GOT to talk about the Zedd concert. BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE. if you know me at all then you should know that I got to a lot of concerts so when I say that Zedd was the best concert ever, that’s really saying something haha. Nick and I headed up to Orlando and met up with the two guy missionaries from Florida Atlantic University, Nick and Cody, for a night full of amazing dance music. If you don’t know Zedd, he’s the electro-house DJ behind such hits as “Clarity,” “Stay The Night,” “I Want You To Know,” and “Beautiful Now.” Seriously if you haven’t heard his music, go check him out because you are totally missing out. I’ve been trying to see him for 3 years now while my brother has had the chance to see him multiple times. I was so excited for this show and let me tell you that it did not disappoint. Not only was the music great but the production quality and the staging was amazing. Every single sound/beat had a corresponding light effect. It was total sensory overload and it was great!


Nick, Cody, Kevin and I had absolutely amazing time. It was really great to be able to spend some quality time with the guys  and I’m already looking forward to seeing Zedd again. Opening for him were artists Alex Metric, Dillon Francis and surprise guest, Dash Berlin. all of them were great but none of them matched the sheer majesty that was Zedd. It’s honestly impossible to put into words just how cool it was. Seriously check him out and definitely go if you get the chance to see him. If there was one downside i guess I couldn’t really hear out of my right ear for the next day but even that was worth it.

Kevin, Nick, Cody and I at the Zedd Concert
Kevin, Nick, Cody and I at the Zedd Concert

The week after Zedd marked the start of Fall Break and I had the opportunity to chaperon the Halloween Horror Nights Trip that the school put on. Basically I got to join 50 Ave Students on a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando for their annual Halloween festival complete with Haunted Houses! You all know how much I love scary stuff. I had the chance to go on the same trip last year and I had a ton of fun seeing how they decked the park our for Halloween and the haunted houses were very well done it was the same case this year! Had a great time walking around the park and we got  chance to walk around part of Harry Potter World which I’ve never done before. The only downside was that we didn’t get back to campus until around 5am so rest assured I was pretty exhausted from the whole ordeal.


Fall Break also included some pretty special things happening for me down here at Ave, the first being that I joined a Household. A Household is like a Fraternity without the excessive drinking, the promiscuity, the hazing, the bullying, and the Greek stuff but does include the brotherhood, the accountability and the helping each other grow. Basically it’s everything that a Fraternity should be instead of what they’ve become known for nowadays. There are many different households here at Ave Maria but the one I joined is called the Fishers of Men based around the Bible Verse Mark 4:19. Out of all the Households on Campus I always had the most respect for Fishers because all the guys in it seemed the most committed to their brothers and to what their goals were so I was honored when they asked me to pledge. Initiation was over Fall break and was tons of fun and it feels nice to be a part of such a great group of guys and I know for sure that they’ll help me out in my mission here on campus.

The men of Fishers of Men and our mascot, Nemo

Over fall break all the other missionaries  were gone but that was okay because I had a friend coming to visit. My buddy Chris came to stay with me for a few days during break. Chis was a FOCUS missionary for two years and I got to know him during my first summer training and he’s become a really good friend of mine. I hadn’t seen him since Easter so I was really glad to be able to get the chance to catch up and ask him how life in the real world is going. Miss ya lots Chris and hope you had fun while you were here! Good to see ya!

My birthday also happened to fall over break. 24? Man am I getting old. While there weren’t too many people around to celebrate my birthday this year, i still had a great day. I got to her from all my friends and family back home and then got to spend a great day with some good friends here culminating with a trip to The Cheesecake Factory (one of my favorite restaurants.) When the other missionaries got back we celebrated again the next week (with another trip to the Cheesecake Factory) so overall I guess turning 24 was pretty cool after all. Just wish I had taken some pictures!

Christine and I as Lilo and Stitch!

Next up I guess I should talk about the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Every year at Ave the Halloween Dance is a Sadie Hawkins Dance. I was so honored to be asked by a very sweet girl this year and we decided to go as Lilo & Stitch. I ordered a pretty awesome onesie online and I think we looked absolutely fantastic. We definitely got points for being the cutest haha. My favorite part of the Halloween dance here is seeing how creative students get with their costumes. And no while we didn’t win the costume contest, we did get a lot of compliments and hard a great time. Big shout out to Christine for asking me to the dance!


Well I think that covers all the BIG things that have gone on in the past month. As far as regular mish life goes, things are good! Bible studies and discipleships are great and team life is as awesome as ever. We’re each getting ready to head to the annual FOCUS Student Leadership Summit in Dallas coming up in January and that has been a lot of work. I do feel like we’re starting to reach that point in the semester when we’re getting pretty tired/drained but we have each other to lean on and I know we’ll finish out the year strong. Also! The whole month of October consisted of Intramural Soccer Season! I played on a team with Nick, Anne and some students and staff. It was really great playing soccer again and our team was actually pretty badass. We made it all the way to the semifinals before getting knocked out in a climatic battle. Thanks for a great season guys! Looking forward to Frisbee next semester!

The Intramural Soccer Team
The Intramural Soccer Team

This week I’m actually really excited to be heading home for a few days for the wedding of two of my best friends. I’m so so so so ready for it! Not only for the wedding but just being able to take a mini vacation. While the other missionaries traveled a lot throughout October, I pretty much stayed down here around Ave so I’m excited to be able to get out of the state. Even for just a few days. It’ll be great to see my family and I’m going to get to see a lot of friends at the wedding. Look for my next update where I’ll talk all about it! Please pray for my safe travels, for the wedding of Mitch and Annie and for all the students I get the chance to work with.




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