Home Again

Wow it’s been a week since I stepped off the plane back here in colorful Colorado. You know it has felt like a long week and Florida feels like forever ago. First off, I want to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. To be honest, there really hasn’t been too much to take pictures of and I really don’t have too much to report on .

Being back home has been pretty great. Sleeping in my own bed, eating home cooked meals, spending time with my family and hanging out with friends. Sprinkle all that on top of full time fund raising and that pretty much sums up the last week! Basically just been hanging out with the family and friends while continuing on the journey to get fully funded. Nothing too exciting happening on the MPD front. During the days I’m pretty much on my phone and computer trying to set up appointments and I was able to get three new mission partners so praise God! Still have a long way to go though. I was optimistic at the beginning of the week but slow just got a little exhausted by the end. But that’s okay! I had a great Sunday and I’m ready to take on more MPD this week. Honestly what keeps me going is the encouragement of my future teammates and  just how bad I want to get back to Ave Maria. But of course none of this would be possible with the big guy upstairs and I have to remember that He’s the one calling me to FOCUS and He will get me there.

This coming week is definitely going to be big. Hoping to hear some more information on my parish talk situation, then heading up to Fort Collins to meet with a bunch of potential mission partners and see friends I haven’t seen in a while. Prayers for the people I’m going to meet with would be much appreciated! Then I’m closing up the week on Saturday by heading to Fiddler’s Green for a concert that I’ve been looking forward for months! Panic! At The Disco, American Authors, Twenty One Pilots, Walk The Moon and more! Woo can’t wait! You can bet I’ll take a bunch of pictures.

So to sum everything up, it’s been great being home with the family and friends, MPD is going alright but still need at least another $900 to get to campus! So prayers please and if you might be interested in supporting me (or know someone who would) please contact me! Oh! Of course the best part of being back this week was the arrival of the newest member of the Mullen family…Molly an eight week old Akita puppy! When I first heard we were getting her I was a bit skeptical because we already have two dogs, a cat and a guinea pig. However after being introduced to little Molly I have to agree that she is quite precious. I mean who doesn’t love puppies? So to make up for not having any pictures in this post, here’s a bunch of little Molly. Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming! Not just for me but for all my fellow missionaries working hard to get to campus.

Molly And Me
Molly And Me
My Little Sister Emily With Molly
My Little Sister Emily With Molly

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